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Cushion Design

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Unlike the old ‘ring’ cushion, the VALLEY Cushion will not compromise blood circulation or lymphatic drainage.  Its unique features are achieved by the use of a combination of foam and air to provide a comfortable seating platform on either side the central pressure-relieving channel (the ‘valley’).Each side can be inflated independently and adjusted to suit the individual requirements of each user.


The central channel of the cushion is tapered to allow use by people of varying ischial widths.  When sitting upright a person’s ischia bear most of his trunk weight and these bony prominences vary in their width of separation (from about 8 to 17 cms).   At the same time the ischia will be between 6 and 15cms from the cushion’s rear edge.    This means that when the narrower part of the tapered channel is towards the rear of the cushion it will suit persons who have narrow ischial spacing.    When the cushion is spun round it will suit those with a wider ischial spacing.   The central channel is also shaped to allow most of a person’s weight to be supported on the outer edge of each ischium and (partly) on the ‘trochanteric shelves’ (hip bone prominences).

The VALLEY-SV Cushion is a slimmer version developed for those who are experiencing discomfort rather than severe ‘mid-line’ pain.  It uses the same design principles as the Standard Cushion, including independent inflation to each side, and its non-slip underside makes it an ideal comfort aid when, for example, driving or riding in a vehicle.  Principally, this version is for portability - and those on the move.    Like its forerunner, the VALLEY-SV Cushion has been subject to rigorous testing.

These cushion designs were the invention of two NHS specialists, namely, Professor Ian Swain, Director, Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Salisbury District Hospital, and Peter Lowthian, Senior Research Nurse, Spinals Injuries Unit, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore.


“Avoid any form of ring (doughnut) cushion as they can occlude blood vessels and cause pressure damage, prolapse and other problems”

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